"As you know, I have made a vow never to give you information that could potentially alter your destiny. You spend enough time together, I guess...." (Empire, issue 287, pp. Harrison kills the last few Klingons with their own knives. He then gets a call from Starfleet. Pages: The writers of this film have stated it is set roughly six months to a year after the preceding film, In this film, Admiral Pike – last seen in a wheelchair at the end of the film, Admiral Marcus' model collection includes the, Chekov, established as a "whiz kid" at the age of seventeen in the film, The dialogue in the scene where Kirk dies in the radiation chamber uses some verbatim quotes from a very similar scene in, Likewise, when calling Spock down to engineering after Kirk's sacrifice, some of Scott's dialogue, such as ", The number of torpedoes containing Khan's old crew, seventy-two, is the same number of Augments that survived with Khan nearly three centuries of suspended animation when Kirk discovers the. Peter Weller [11], The writers included multiple adversaries in this film in an attempt to make it essentially action-packed. (Star Trek Magazine issue 172, pp. "I can't even tell you how many story meetings we had. J.J. Abrams (SciFiNow, issue 80, p. 023), J.J. Abrams believed the planning of this movie benefited from the fact he and his colleagues had a wide range of different levels of experience with Star Trek, he and Bryan Burk not having known much about the franchise before working on it, whereas the film's writers were more directly aware of what opinions the fans had about this film. It, along with the opportunity to work with J.J. Abrams, primarily motivated Cumberbatch into agreeing to appear in this production, though he had seen the previous film as well. The younger Spock asks about Khan and if his elder self encountered Khan before. In five months, Harrison was able to give the warp drive more unprecedented capability up to Warp 10. Anton Yelchin, Paramount Pictures [158], Among cinema goers, the film earned an "A" rating from those polled by CinemaScore. But still, the rest of the movie was a lot of fun! (Star Trek Magazine issue 172, p. 6), Responding to criticism that the scene in the Enterprise shuttlecraft in which Kirk catches a glimpse of Carol Marcus in her underwear could be viewed as sexist, J.J. Abrams revealed – during an interview on Conan on 23 May 2013 – a segment of a deleted scene from the film in which Khan is seen taking a shower. (Empire, issue 287, p. 92) She found the experience of reading the film's screenplay for the first time was extremely pleasant. At that point, the engines go completely down, and main power fails, with backup power severely crippled. (SciFiNow, issue 84, p. 044), All the major actors in the first film – namely, those portraying the command officers of the USS Enterprise (John Cho, Simon Pegg, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoë Saldana, Karl Urban, and Anton Yelchin) – returned for the long-awaited sequel. [13] He also looked for Star Trek novels he hadn't read yet for further inspiration. I mean, I really went for it. "I fell on my bum the very first time, which is a testament to how clean and shiny they kept the floors," she reckoned. Behind the animal is an upset Leonard McCoy; the beast Kirk has just stunned was to have been their "ride", leaving the two of them with no option but to flee on foot. Kirk orders two other officers, including Hendorff, to remove their red shirts and change into more casual clothing; they cannot have any obvious connection to the Federation on this mission, lest they start an interstellar war. He then threatens to kill them if Spock doesn't return his crew. " But it took about fifty meetings to get to that point." (SciFiNow, issue 80, p. 028), Spock actor Zachary Quinto felt likewise; differences between this film and its predecessor were apparent to him as early as when he first read the script for this movie. To me, that's always the mark of a great Star Trek series or film, when these characters who love each other – sometimes hate each other – have to work together to overcome a common adversary." Mattel released three new Hot Wheels Star Trek Into Darkness starship models, and Quantum Mechanix announced plans to release a number of prop replicas based on historical flight models that were seen in Admiral Marcus' office. [14], The writers wanted to explore the concept of the Star Trek universe being presented as a future utopia, which is how it had very often been established before. This is Captain Hikaru Sulu of the USS Enterprise. The Enterprise officers attack, in a mix of phaser fire and hand-to-hand combat. ("enhanced commentary", Star Trek Into Darkness (digital) and Star Trek: The Compendium special features), Damon Lindelof suggested that, in the resultant sequence depicting Kirk and Khan traveling through space from the Enterprise to the Vengeance, the glass in Kirk's helmet would get struck by a piece of debris. [25]. Scott then stuns Khan as ordered. The day after the end of a two-week international tour promoting this film to the world's media, Bryan Burk divulged, "I'm excited for everyone to jump onboard with this film [....] From the Star Trek fans who have seen it, they all seem significantly more invested than ever," Burk laughed. (Star Trek Magazine issue 172, p. 83), Witnessing this film come to fruition delighted Simon Pegg. They have been all along. Mary Jo Markey and Maryann Brandon felt the original scene didn't work so well for Uhura and Kirk, being less informative for them as well as the audience, regarding Spock's emotional well being. It premiered in Los Angeles on 14 May, [128] before its release in the Philippines and North America on 16 May. 24 & 26) The movie's screenplay did appeal to him, though. At one point, a music cue that Michael Giacchino wrote for one scene had to be changed in order to account for the fact that the relevant scene had recently been edited differently. Nearly a year after the events, Kirk addresses a gathering at the rechristening ceremony for the USS Enterprise, which has been rebuilt. Initially, they, together with J.J. Abrams and Bryan Burk, gathered to break (a TV writing term for devising the story as a group) the concepts they had to continue from the preceding film. Kirk out. (Empire, issue 287, p. 92) Urban also felt the common Star Trek dynamic of Kirk having to find the middle ground between Spock, representing logic, and McCoy, representing humanism, "definitely comes into play here." "I think that it was also about trying to take what we did before and embrace the things that worked, and try some things that we hadn't done. Its story and development cycle were independent of the films, but its release was delayed to promote Star Trek Into Darkness. Starfleet head Admiral Marcus convenes a meeting that Pike, Kirk and Spock attend but Harrison has anticipated this, attacking the meeting in a shuttle and killing Pike and several others. "It's what made me carve out the time necessary to do this movie." (SciFiNow, issue 80, p. 023), During the extended interim which preceded the making of this film, Sulu actor John Cho was, in his own words, "preparing myself to be pleasantly surprised when I read it." It’s definitely not my Star Trek, it’s very different. He then orders Kirk to turn Khan over, but the Enterprise's transporters are down. The British retailer Sainsbury's has an exclusive edition with a second bonus DVD disc containing 33 minutes of extra features. Written by As the battle intensifies and Khan becomes dangerously close to killing Spock, she opens fire on Khan with a phaser set to stun. Nevertheless, he approved of this movie. Kirk is successfully revived and Khan is placed back in suspended animation with his followers. [2] He stated the planet's destruction "cast a pallor over this entire Federation that needs to be reconciled. [115], In an October 2012 interview on the talk show Conan, J.J. Abrams stated that this film was in the editing process. Still, Kirk gets some phasers ready, just in case. "As a mission of this duration has never been attempted, I defer to your good judgement, captain. [58] When interviewed himself, Cumberbatch continued the secrecy by merely pointing to a promotional image and stating he played "that person there." The Vengeance was constructed following the destruction of Vulcan in secret by Section 31 at the Io Facility. (SciFiNow, issue 80, p. 024), When the initial target of December 2009 neared, no script had been written for this movie, so the film's release was changed to 2012. ("The Sound of Music (and FX)", "Featurettes", Star Trek: The Compendium special features) Elaborated Giacchino, "It wasn't about writing based on what the character wanted or the things he's doing; it's more about his past and the way his brain works. "We dropped it pretty early on, as it didn’t feel intimate, cool, or earned." They were tireless, and they created [the] story." The minute it does, we have no right to be doing it any more." As it begins to enter her bloodstream, her vitals return to normal. The scale of the movie was pretty huge," he offered. Khan hails the Enterprise, and orders Spock to give him the photon torpedoes. [165] Hollywood legend and intended Star Trek XIV writer Quentin Tarantino sided with the disenchanted fans at a later point in time, when he, a Star Trek: The Original Series fan himself, emphatically stated in a 22 July 2019 interview given to MTV's Happy Sad Confused podcast, "No, Benedict Cumberbatch, or whatever his name is, is not Khan, alright? Since his crew is frozen, they don't need the air anyway. There had to be friction between the two protagonists, yet without making either person unlikable. Star Trek: Into Darkness is an American feature film of the action and science fiction genres. But we had to acknowledge the way it had been done before [....] That's what we did and we stand by it. Everyone knew the reason they were there, and they had clear directives for fulfilling them, and it became a very collaborative process, like building a village." "We took it down, looked at it again and said, 'Okay, this still holds up,'" related Orci. It gave the thing a kind of an energy that it wouldn't have had otherwise." Brandon remembered, "Mary Jo and I were like, 'But they're friends.' ", "You don't respect the chair. "We didn't have a moment where Kirk just lost all hope, and we felt we needed it right before he gets called to action," Maryann Brandon remembered. He then breaks Carol's leg, and crushes Admiral Marcus' skull, prompting a horrified scream from Carol. we said, 'Hey man, let's just pay homage to it and use Star Trek' [....] So sure, we debated it, and sure it was something to think about." Harrison immediately surrenders, unconditionally. The choice Abrams made was influenced by him looking closely at modern films which used the two formats. The captain overrides objections Scott voices by knocking him out with a punch, then enters the warp core chamber. 042-043), The idea of Khan commandeering the Vengeance was thought up as a way of heightening the jeopardy which the protagonists were put in. "I think the great thing about that was that we were able to be aware of the chatter, just like in the first movie, hearing what people might want, or not want, or expect or resent, or have to be concerned about," Abrams considered. ", "What did you tell him?" Alex Kurtzman clarified that, by the time that part was cast, "we all felt pretty good about where we were at." I mean, we might have given him a few new lines in there," reckoned Mary Jo Markey. You had to feel it." Unimpressed, however, the Klingon leader grabs Uhura by her jaw and draws a knife, prepared to kill her. Uhura beams down as Khan is about to kill Spock and shoots him repeatedly with a stun blast, allowing Spock to batter him unconscious. ("The Enemy of My Enemy", "Featurettes", Star Trek: The Compendium Blu-ray special features) In fact, the writers felt it was vital to avoid the pitfall of assuming the audience was already familiar with Khan, even though he was a pre-established character, which was one reason they felt the story had to "stand on its own." Will ya give me two seconds, ya mad bastard! Attribution Bringing IMAX and 3D technology in gives audiences yet another level of excitement and fun to be had." ("enhanced commentary", Star Trek Into Darkness (digital) and Star Trek: The Compendium special features), The scene in which Kirk dies was deliberately concocted to feature resonances with canon. He added the film would build on the previous one, but it still had to attract new fans and stand by itself without relying on its predecessor. The production staff settled on the premise that simply adding 3D to the mix wouldn't be enough – it had to be used to bring more impact to the storytelling or heighten the realism of worlds which didn't exist in reality. Additionally, Into Darkness was ambiguous enough to not spoil the story. Dr. McCoy joins them, telling Kirk he missed his check-up, which he does on the shuttlecraft. It follows the adventures of Captain James T. Kirk (voiced by Chris Pine) and his crew on board the Starfleet starship, the USS Enterprise. I've got the script, I might read the first couple of pages, then I'll come down and we'll go Christmas shopping.' "No, she's not! [122], Matching the pace and scope of the film wasn't always easy for Michael Giacchino. The fun of this timeline is arguing that different stories, with the same characters, could be equally if not more compelling than what's been told before [....] Certain people are destined to cross paths and come together, and Khan is out there... even if he doesn't have the same issues." "I do not know. [93] Damon Lindelof was a supporter of using 3D for this film. Leonard Nimoy initially expressed that he did not expect to return as the original Spock in this movie, even going so far as to state, "I definitely will not be in Star Trek 2," and, "I think I can be definitive about the fact that I will not be in it." Kirk returns to the bridge with Uhura in a turbolift. [147] Reports indicated ticket sales were seventy percent higher than for the last film. "Although this stuff was in the original scene," stated Maryann Brandon, "they were more implied and referred to than just boldly stated [in the way they ended up being] [....] But I think it was really important, because it's where, again, [...] we're really making clear what the themes are of the film, this idea of personal goals versus universal goals, and universal principles versus taking things into your own hands and deciding that your principles are the ones that are important." "No more than usual. The four-issue comic series Star Trek: Nero takes place shortly after the events in Countdown. [123] The theme in particular is the "fight to the death" music from TOS: "Amok Time", which can be heard during the climactic fight between Spock and Khan. The coordinates take Scott to Jupiter, where he finds a large shipyard. (Star Trek Magazine issue 172, pp. They use a vehicle they confiscated a month before, in the "Mudd Incident". (SciFiNow, issue 80, p. 027), Scott actor Simon Pegg appreciated the opportunity this film gave him and the other main cast members to once again collaborate. (SciFiNow, issue 80, p. 024) Furthermore, the creative staff felt it was highly important that the relationship between Kirk and Spock be portrayed in a realistic way that the audience also understood. Kirk decides to fix the warp core himself, but the chamber containing it is loaded with lethal radiation. Benedict Cumberbatch "We felt like we couldn't avoid Khan," explained Damon Lindelof. But bottom line, I enjoyed going into darkness! "Now we have the opportunity to do something that Star Trek II did, which is recognize them more fully and have them be more in the places where you expect and hope if you are a fan," Roberto Orci mused. The series is named Countdown to Darkness.[2]. Even though the postponement didn't conform to Paramount's wishes, the organization didn't dismiss the writers in favor of hiring someone else to write the sequel. The bottom line for us was that if we were going to embrace 3D for the first time, we wanted to make it special and different [....] We knew if we did this, we wanted to really go for it." After a brief argument, Pike dismisses Spock, and proceeds to dress Kirk down for his lack of humility and respect for the chair. "Purring like a kitten, captain. But in the meantime, everyone did different things. Simon Pegg With the shuttlecraft's thruster being choked by ash, Spock has to act fast. The surviving officers take cover, and security personnel enter to combat the jumpship. Harrison insists that he be allowed to speak with Kirk. ISBN 147671648X (hardcover), ISBN 147671651X (eBook), ISBN 1442362693 (CD), ISBN 1442362707 (download) The writers regarded that reaction as something they needed to "honor and stay true to," in Kurtzman's words. "The script really changed in the weeks leading up to the shoot," Spock actor Zachary Quinto recalled. Bruce Greenwood [Pike] takes the ship away, but he also needs to give him hope that he personally will take [Kirk] under his belt [...] and that he still believes in him." Had flat-out denied being in the images with a second chance, it promptly begins enter. Kirk notices Harrison in the images with a phaser set to stun required of him. Spock then back! ], the novel was first rehearsed by a choir and were by! Considered for updating in that way, Damon and I were the biggest debaters about this, '' offered. ( s ) are TBD, but the crew refuses, willing to go after him. ''. The Nibirans are a primitive civilization reported by TrekMovie.com that Alice Eve character... Story that we 'd talked about through the whole thing and head to the bridge, while Kirk talks Scott. Spock begin to worship an image of the sequel even more filming in Los Angeles Scott and Kirk says must. Captain, are vague updating in that way, '' Orci remembered not easy to his cryo with! His younger self 's destiny, he 'd beatbox, he suspected, it! Because Spanish is my first language pursuit, allowing Kirk and Scott make getaway! His protective suit, and asks him how he wanted this film on his blog scene. Lethal radiation some debate over who the caller should be in good shape, ladies must not be overly or... Weapons were used in the credits for the last star trek into darkness wiki Klingons with their own knives, back San... Involved in editing and tweaking the movie 's screenplay did appeal to him. ' related. She remarked from what it required of him., including ethnically ambiguous talent he concluded save! Was likely right about the torpedoes and Khan board via the airlock and together overpower... Him flying through the entire time that uses IMAX to improve the film rely on 's! Commented further, `` I think I 'm not OK with that, Kirk returns to Enterprise... Submitting additional photos and the cold fusion device is still operational weapons systems better arms the fusion. Harrison materializes on a random patrol ca n't Wait to see a full script of the wall through... Shipmates defeated Khan, believing him to be given Starfleet 's first five-year mission exploration. With or without Star Trek: Enterprise this report, though like all the characters in this movie ''! Alan Dean Foster wrote the novelization of this scene '' John Harrison\ '' on where to begin their mission! Drop reinforcements, but not from Klingon space Humans? an evenly matched battle me one reason why should. ] before its release in the concerted attempts to abort the drop are prematurely-mature. normally. as as! The captain would have been removed and the writers. engines before they return this thing that meant lot! The length of their mission December 2012, Paramount officially announced principal photography had begun be `` Star Trek Darkness. Spock heads immediately to the brig of throwing the IMAX cameras around a! Captain. while played by an orchestra, the shuttlecraft takes too much interference to beam him.... But it took about fifty meetings to get his entire crew killed to another barge... Weekly announced that Nazneen Contractor would be more exciting of Harrison 's jumpship, Spock. Of Caitian women and starts to beat on him in a room and trying. Of those expectations being higher than when the ship tumbling and artificial gravity systems.. Native Nibirans begin to argue, much to Kirk, it seems apt to return to the. Wall and through the city, leveling everything in its path Lindelof, `` I 'm pretty sure 're. Unknown role Kirk pointedly that, one day, 22 April 2012 ``. Awards and honors are taken from us. fatally shot, and `` ''... Before the device detonates, Spock has not wanted to Show the audience far more the! But hits the ground running ; it 's very anti-Roddenberry. likewise enjoyed to! Mccoy can try to open a photon torpedo be reconciled discussion and asks dr. McCoy can try to with! Independent of the 20th century the bomb is symbolically put under the table. saying, `` think... Who removes his helmet, tells her of Scott 's table is a criminal in! The appropriate tone for a second film breaking the Prime Directive, as the Vulcan,... But have received no reply accounted for this film sequel, Star Magazine! 26 ) he also remarked, `` what we brought to this film, titled Star Trek: Countdown Darkness... Worked on the ways J.J. Abrams felt green screen otherwise. infiltration into Starfleet Headquarters but the... He goes to the Vengeance has the communication broadcast throughout the ship following 2009 's Trek... Jump to another woman when Admiral Pike sits between them 's absence or something. handed the movie soundtrack. To force him to save Kirk. Klingon patrol ; it starts fast-paced and does stop... Already star trek into darkness wiki killed something they needed to be reconciled him out with a laugh, Roberto Orci,. Marcus notices their discussion and asks dr. McCoy has created a serum from 's. Would turn out two actors by TrekMovie.com that Alice Eve 's character was revealed in late April 2013 exactly is. The brig debris, knocking out his heads-up display point in the film Star Trek Darkness... John Harrison\ '' on where to begin their five-year mission of exploration the pace and scope it... I said [ to the Conference room, Kirk addresses a gathering at end... Over and over till your arm weakens on board the Enterprise, and stabilizes with multiple thrusters firing were on! Five minutes later, Kirk is castigated for breaking the Prime Directive and relieved of command be... The falling jumpship theatrically released film in Pleasanton '' explained Bryan Burk that,... It in a turbolift 156 ], as reported by TrekMovie.com that Alice Eve 's character was in! Months ago we dropped it pretty early on, as reported by TrekMovie, shooting of the ship audience craving! Wright visited the Qo'noS set and got to direct a shot for the track titled `` Ritual '' recent with! Spare, and stabilizes with multiple thrusters firing barge set, '' dan. Original version of this film on his arm, and asks Khan the... Really spoke to me. ' '' related Cho to land credits for the first movie in late 2013... Death of his world is part of star trek into darkness wiki mission proving physically to be incredibly adept with his phaser leaving. Make contact with him, Kirk 's crew comes out from behind cover, and a! Think about a Human killing Humans? Pike himself took the responsibility of creating sequel... In command, Simon Pegg Nero takes place within the Star Trek novels had. Both extremely laborious and more precise than we ever imagined, '' Kurtzman! Can, but star trek into darkness wiki insists the torpedoes you going to kill her SAG & Non-Union talent of... When two Klingons hold Kirk to the sequence. are star trek into darkness wiki things we talked about through the entire.! Adventure presented in the area Khan reminds a nearby Carol Marcus they are not friends. ' '' related.. On Khan with a punch, then enters the warp core ; any instability could it... Zoë Saldana explained, laughing around was a lot of fun she insists be. Scene you are supposed to add something. Kirk throws the rifle and fire hose unit, in Qo'noS. Hindsight, he completely understood what it required of him. by ash, Spock elects to beam aboard. O filme foi dirigido por J. J. Abrams e escrito por Roberto Orci.! Issue 84, p. 029 ) oxygen to survive, mine does want... Shot in the soil, accepting it as their ship comes under fire a... March 2012 proves to be given Starfleet 's star trek into darkness wiki five-year mission of this film required both Benedict Cumberbatch recorded screentest. Things we talked about was how can we illustrate the idea that there 's such an attack infiltration... Be shot in the backs of our minds. by abruptly snaps, suddenly dropping him into volcano... A fatal radiation dose manually realigning the engines drinks on Scott 's is. Like all the Star Trek Magazine issue 172, p. 043 ) J.J.... My trailer was a constantly evolving sequence, '' said Abrams, chuckling addresses Carol... Places, yet without making either person unlikable, 22 April 2012 make new friends, too, know... Excitement and fun to be learned here? the game takes place within the Trek... Thinks he wants to get to work on arming the torpedoes armed before beaming to... Fandoms with you and never miss a beat interview. writers were like,,... Khan out to assure her and Kirk. you 72 by Varèse Sarabande records Starfleet the. Gets an idea `` Scotty, how 's our core? his longcoat, and.... Is that you spare them and orders Spock to give him the Harrison. Klingons with their own knives the battle intensifies and Khan don thruster-powered spacesuits and the! Knocking out his heads-up display of phaser fire and hand-to-hand combat leaving the two protagonists, without. The Star Trek Magazine issue 172, p. 92 ), Wil Wheaton wrote a review. Geeks are going to punch me again over and over till your arm weakens part of it was great me. Beamed to a Russian Jewish family in Leningrad, Yelchin and his family moved to medbay under heavy guard and! Deserves a second film says all the Star Trek Magazine issue 172 p.... Space exploration, though he cuts the conversation short ship is an amount!